Uni swap Ethereum

This is our native network. A bit slow and expensive it is unquestionably the most Robust and therefore unavoidable network for web3 technology.

ERC 20

Quick swap Polygon

Second most important one because all our NFT are deployed on it. Scoobi's adventure begins there.

ERC 20

Pancake swap BSC

Princess CEZEE's zone centralized in the hands of a few nodes owned by binance foundation.

ERC 20

Spooky swap Fantom

Well known network supported by the Godfather of Defi, Mr. Andre Cronje. We couldn't not deploy our token in his chain'hood and play with the fantoms hanging around there.

ERC 20

Trader Joe AVAX

One of the runner up having an associate Professor from computer science at the Cornell university, he is known for his contributions to p2p systems.